In my mind, Internet-in-a-Box is one of the most important components of what we do. The computer screens become windows to the world, giving the kids access to articles and videos on any topic imaginable. One of the favorite parts of my job is introducing the Wikipedia section – it’s a lot of fun to be able to teach people that the “blue words” are actually links that will take them to another page that describes things in more detail. For everyone, it’s a whole new way to learn.


Internet-in-a-Box was originally developed by Braddock Gaskill, and a team of dedicated Unleash Kids engineers recommend the devices you see above. All the equipment is energy-efficient, portable, durable, and it’s been tested in multiple locations on the ground – a total of 8 schools in Haiti are using this hardware. The schoolserver software itself is maintained by a group that has been meeting every week for years to ensure that they’ve got the best system possible.

In Haiti, it’s important for us to have Haitian Creole content. Our new intern, Destin Silver, is going to help us install the content on the server and make it presentable so that kids can take pride in their own language as they browse the Internet.

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