More results from our 6-month 2016 pilot coming soon!

1. Does using technology for literacy activities lead to greater reading gains for students?
Students were divided into a laptop group and a paper group. Both groups covered the same content and lessons.

2. What value does guidance from a teacher add to after-school literacy classes?
Students were also divided into a teacher group and a teacher-less group. The teacher-less group was supervised by a volunteer. Students switched groups midway through the study.

• 12 teachers
• 600 students in grades 1-4
• 3 schools in a rural market town
• 6 months
• Schools had already been using laptops for a year

Digital Library
$0.21 per book ($7.22 per title)
$30.07 per student
Constant access to all titles
No cost to add a free book
Easy to publish student work

• Laptop users had significantly higher reading gains in terms of correct words per minute (M=38.5) compared to their paper peers (M=33.1)
• Students with a teacher had greater gains
• Laptop users with no teacher did not have higher gains than paper peers